The First business service centre in Slovenia has been operating success-fully for more than 20 years.

As an accounting, tax, financial, business and educational centre, we offer comprehensive support to the operations of companies or businesses both in Slovenia and abroad.

What makes us special

  • We are familiar with the specifics of the Slovenian market and its economic legislation as well as those of other in markets in the region.
  • We offer consulting services, guidance and assistance and together with the client, we take care of everything necessary to establish a company in Slovenia.
  • We can also help companies find partners at the international level.
  • We help enter the Slovenian and South Eastern European markets.

Our presence on the market

We are present in the following markets either independently or in co-operation with our partners:


  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Hungary


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbia


Expertise, knowledge and reliability.

A company that strives towards a successful long-term operation first has to develop a team of highly professional, motivated and ca-pable employes.

Our team consists of 10 internal experts specialized in various areas.

In order to implement the projects successfully and meet the client*s business and professional needs, we are constantly expanding our team by cooperating with independent external partners, e.g. lawyers, attor-neys, FDI experts etc.

You can rest assured that your business services are in good hands with our in-house expert team.

We understand the language of your business and your operations

We are aware that entrusting another company with business services is hard. Since the selection involves a long-term decision, it is crucial that we communicate and understand each other in a clear and effective manner.

  • Slovenian
  • English
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Croatian
  • Serbian


In words of our customers, we are distinguished by trust, flexibility, reliability and professional conduct


Companies that are socially responsible and take care of the environment they function and operate, win in the long run.

By pursuing long-term social responsibility, our satisfaction within the company grows, we trust each other more and, as a result, we are more confident, stronger and more successful. Our social responsibility is reflected in ...

  • We support and help young people in their education/studies.
  • In our business environment, we have been working together with a college for several years now, offering at least two or more students to engage in mandatory practical training in our company. When fin-ishing their studies, we offer support in preparing their diploma theses.
  • We cooperate with associations and other non-profit organizations, supporting them in various ways.
  • We promote sports and recreational activities in the Pomurje region by supporting the international shooting league in air gun shooting. The league is called the FIRST LEAGUE and it brings together compet-itors from four countries, i.e. Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.