The FIRST company has been present the Pomurje region for more than 20 years.

Do you have a micro, small or large company, are you an institution or a cooperative, are you engaged in agriculture or do run a supplementary business activity? We have prepared suitable solutions and tools for the complete support of your business.

For more than 20 years we have been known for high-quality and expert accounting services both in Slovenia and abroad, having also been con-sulting management staff and decision makers in the field. The numerous satisfied clients, awards, certificates and testimonials confirm our quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Accounting services are an integral part of every business. Proper and relevant accounting information is both the basis for developing and achieving good and successful business results, as well as the immediate business assistance.

A successful accounting service makes its best efforts for its clients to be successful, helps in making business decisions and long-term development.

The FIRST Sccounting Services include:

We provide accounting and consulting services for different legal en-tities:

The ownership structures in limited liability companies are diverse, while their operation is often linked to parent companies abroad or they have foreign citizens or natural persons as owners. The predominant part of the foreign share in ownership is related to the German speaking population, namely from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

We are distinguished by many years of experience, personal approach, professionalism and care for your business.

The FIRST'S Clients

Our clients deliver various services. They mainly work in the following fields: